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between the lines

When I started writing in 2019, it was mostly to remember my family. That year, they all went to heaven, and I was left with a house full of images, photo memories, story outlines, biography, and poetry. 

Three years later, I have published two children's books, and two adult coloring books and am in the process to realize three more titles this year.

I'm not doing it alone. I have angels. It's not that I see them, or they talk to me in a regular conversation. Things are put in my path when I need them. The choice of book /story subject is clear, and I knew what direction to head in the midst of some choices and chaos. I do know also when it is time to stop the writing when the last story is put on paper as a  book. The time to stop may choose me, and I am all right with that. My angels will monitor that enough impact has been made, enough joy has been spread, and enough healing has been accomplished.  On this page, I will share my process of writing, my choices between the lines, and before the finishing, texture, tone, and characters in the books-- how they flow out.

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